Hello Ladies

We are Fitness2Flash

This is a community for women who are passionate towards adopting a healthy lifestyle. We’ll take our FLASH fitness revolution to bigger heights by delivering enhanced level of diet and workout plans, motivating and supporting one another.

What we want you to do

Enjoy the journey

Workout is not just about the end result, it’s about how great the process makes you feel. Don’t be so focused on the end result that you can’t enjoy the process.

It need not be expensive

All you really need to get in fantastic shape is a set of dumbbells, yoga mat and a good pair of workout shoes.


Internal motivation is the best: if your motivation is to feel better and have more energy, you will get amazing results on your very first day, and the positive thought will keep you going day after day.

Pass it on

When you achieve success please pass on your knowledge by sharing. Motivate someone to be a part of this beautiful fitness journey.


Fitness is about health. Losing weight, having those abs are a happy side effect, but not the main goal. Focus on being healthy and disciplined and the healthy fit body will follow.

About the Founder

Rinku Shah

I started FLASH to spread fitness awareness and motivate women towards healthy lifestyle. My focus here is on workouts and meal plans which can be done at home with inexpensive equipment.  As a certified fitness trainer and sports nutritionist I’ve learnt that:

  • You can achieve perfect body by home workouts and doesn’t take as long as you think

  • The best meal plan is that suits your lifestyle

  • There will never be a more perfect time to start making healthy choices than now

No creation in this world is a solo effort and neither is this website. I’d like to thank the most important person who is the backbone of this initiative — Deepali Dayaratne.

Meet The Team Of Experts

Shona Rajput

Here to guide you on each step in the journey of fitness

Candida F. Dias

Don’t let your life go by without seeing your fittest self.. Let’s get there together!

Pooja Vashisht

Don’t let motherhood be an excuse to not look your best.. Let it be your reason to do so..

Vaishali Sharma

It’s a good addiction, which will uncover a strong you… I’ll help you discover how

We Believe You Can!

We at F2F understand your daily battles hence we make it our problem to make sure you reach your goals. This is not just a website that will offer you fitness and nutrition plans but this is your fitness haven where we aspire to inspire all of you!

Let's Do It!

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